SANTIAGO: A Myth of the Far Future

They say his father was a comet and his mother a cosmic wind, that he juggles planets as if they were feathers and wrestles with black holes just to work up an appetite.  They say he never sleeps, and that his eyes burn brighter than a nova, and that his shout can level mountains.

They call him Santiago.


SANTIAGO is a multi-part adventure path set in a future western-style sci-fi universe for the Pathfinder RPG and D&D 4th Edition.

SANTIAGO is based on and used under license from the novel Santiago: A Myth of the Far Future by award-winning sci-fi author Mike Resnick. The adventure path is being written by Malcolm Northwinter.

The player characters begin as bounty hunters, hunting down wanted criminals on the Inner Frontier of the galaxy, a long way from Deluros VIII, the huge capital world of the race of man and the nerve center of the Democracy.  But soon they will take up the ultimate challenge, and race their rivals to find the biggest prize of all – the arch criminal known only as SANTIAGO.  Throughout their adventures, they will meet colorful characters, rival bounty hunters, alien races, and more as they follow their target’s trail across the Inner and Outer Frontiers.

Far out on the Galactic Rim, at the very edge of the Outer Frontier, there is a world called Silverblue. It is a water world, with just a handful of islands dotting the placid ocean that covers its surface. If you stand on the very largest island and look into the night sky, you can see almost all of the Milky Way, a huge twinkling river of stars that seems to flow through half the universe.

And if you stand on the western shore of the island during the daytime, with your back to the water, you will see a grass-covered knoll. Atop the knoll are seventeen white crosses, each bearing the name of a good man or woman who thought to colonize this gentle world.

And beneath each name is the same legend, repeated seventeen times:

Killed by Santiago.


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